The LSH Lights lighting team represents over 35 years of combined experience in serving the Business Community. Our special focus is on providing the best quality equipment at the lowest prices available to the Emergency Services Community.

One of our goals is to make this a "One stop shop" to meet all of your equipment needs.  This includes installation services of all equipment.

Our team is dedicated to going that extra mile for you and your team because in some small way we believe it will help support the all-important work that you do.

LSH Lights is a Master Distributor for Whelen, Able 2 Products (Sho-Me), Code 3/PSE, Federal Signal, Star/SVP, Brooking Industries, Axixtech, Tomar, Go Rhino, Streamlight, Setina, Troy Products, Havis Shields, Carson Sirens, Copeland Engineering, Santa Cruz, Trafcon, Kussmaul, Unity Mfg, Pro-Gard, Gamer Johnson, Jotto Desk, Nova Electronics, Ecco, American Aluminum, CPI (Cast Products), D & R Electronics.

LSH LIGHTS is a Whelen Cantrol Autorized Installation & Programming Distributor.
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